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Angela Barton inspiring fitness, health and well being

It is great to train with Angela. Her fun, bubbly personality is infectious, even at 6.30am, which makes the training session much more enjoyable and the time flies by.  I would recommend Angela to anyone who wants a solid work out in a positive environment. 
Greg Ross-Sampson 



Bournemouth Badminton



I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Angela! As a Personal Trainer she worked with me to find a routine that suited me and my lifestyle. As a massage therapist she is second to none – no course of medicine could replace the stress reduction benefits of her massages!
Mrs Dhara Paul 

Angela has been my personal trainer for some time. The initial idea was to help me achieve a better level of fitness, but I have suffered some physical problems (nothing to do with the training) including a fractured ankle, and Angela has been brilliant at adapting an exercise programme to cope with my limited capabilities. She encourages me to exercise to the maximum of my abilities without in any way putting pressure on me to attempt things which would be too difficult. I look forward to our sessions which always leave me feeling better. I was worried before I met Angela that personal training could be an intimidating experience, but Angela immediately put me at my ease and carefully tailors the programme to suit me. Angela also has a qualification in massage and on a number of occasions, she has helped to ease a recurrent back problem.
Hazel Green 

Angela is my personal trainer and she also gives me a weekly massage.
As a personal trainer she has always worked hard to make sure that not only do I gain from the sessions but even more importantly enjoy the sessions
Angela is very knowledgable and is always investigating new ideas to keep the sessions fresh  and suggests exercises that really help ones wellbeing
I always feel energised afterwards.
The one hour massage sessions have been a tremendous benefit to me. I have a very stressful job being responsible for the running of a very busy pharmacy and clinic and find the massage with oils a wonderful way of relaxing those tense muscles and reduce my anxiety  I always have a wonderful night’s sleep after the session.
I can very highly recommend Angela as a personal trainer and masseuse.
Who says exercise can’t be fun? ‘ 
Galen Rosenberg, MRPharmS

I discovered the magic of Angela’s hands when she came to my workplace offering mini de-stress seated massage…. I was immediately hooked and now visit her regularly for my massage fix! A dedicated welcoming and comfortable, deliciously fragrant room awaits for the treat that is in store. Warm, friendly and professional, Angela makes me feel safe. Her wonderful hour-long massage therapy offers excellent value for money and can be anything from a divine relaxing aromatherapy experience through to a more gritty deep tissue massage targeted at any particular ‘hotspots’. Whatever my motivation, Angela will fix me. xxx 
Shelia Jennings

I was unfit through little exercise and poor diet and needed help! Meeting Angela was great as she gave me personal support and advice and was a focal point to ensure I did my training and improved my diet. Angela is a friendly, effervescent character who brings professionalism, variation and fun to her training sessions. I enjoy the challenges she gives me each week. Since I started training with Angela I am now fitter and healthier with more energy for life. I would recommend Angela’s personal training program to anyone.
David – Bournemouth

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